Below you can find the downloads for our various images and projects

RetroPie ORA Edition

Current Release

Version 1.1 (based of retropie 4.3) - Download
Release notes - Download
Alternate launch image  - Download

V1.1 MD5 checksum:  f256114cda1850bcf32a40a12d96494c

Previous releases

Version 1.0 (based of retropie 4.3) - Download
Release notes - Download


Additional files

Launching Screen No Text

You will need to go to:  opt\retropie\configs\all\

Suggestion that you backup your original launching.png file or move it. One way to backup is to rename the file to add .bak to the end (EXAMPLE: launching.png.bak).
Then place this file making sure that you do so with pigaming.



Wii Pii by Will Allen

An EmulationStation Theme custom built by one of our members Will Allen designed to look similar to the Wii Frontend.
NOTE:  Tested only on 16:9 screens. There is a README included with the theme. He hopes that you enjoy!

Download for Standard RetroPie


Will has graciously provided an updated version specifically for ORA!

Download for ORA RetroPie



Showcase Theme

Correctly Enable Xbox 360 Controllers

Follow the steps in the photos and the README.nfo. If you are not familiar with .nfo you can open with a standard text editor like notepad.


PiShrink Hub

This is a portable VirtualBox build that is prepackaged with an instruction PDF for you to be able to shrink your images if you need to for archival purposes.
This includes a premade however highly modified linux image.
Some users have reported that due to Windows Creator updates the associated portable VB container fails to load the VM. If that is the case then rather than have
it portable you will need to perform a full install of VB from the official website and drop the VM files themselves into the required path. This will give the
same experience however the initial goal had been for a portable package.

Download PiShrink Hub