Below you can find the downloads for our various images and projects

TheRA port of RetroPie

Current Release

NOTE: DO NOT USE MS BROWSERS TO DOWNLOAD BE IT INTERNET EXPLORER OR EDGE AS WE HAVE REPORTS THAT DOWNLOADS DO NOT PROPERLY SUCCEED NOTE: 8GB CARD WILL NOT BE LARGE ENOUGH MOVING FORWARD FOR THOSE USING EXT STORAGE ONCE UPDATES BEGIN TO BE PUSHED. MINIMUM 16GB IS RECOMMENDED! Version 3.0.3 (loosely based off RetroPie 4.4.7) gzip file 4GB NOTE: If you use Etcher to decompress directly we do not provide any support for it. You should still manually decompress first.

***** Join either our Facebook group or our Discord for the password to access the download links for the image.

(Download passwords on Discord are directly available on the #Announcements channel. Facebook group has an Announcement with the password also)

NOTE: This as a temporary measure until we can enable CAPTCHA properly. *****

MIRROR 1: Mirror 1 MIRROR 2*: Mirror 2

*May be slower than Mirror 1 V3.0.3 MD5 checksum gzip file: C8A6C76603E645C60943A827F5C6CC10  

Previous releases

All Previous Releases have been deprecated which include 1.5.2


Additional files

MD5 Checksum Utility for Windows

We are providing an MD5Sum Check Utility for those that may need to verify the integrity of the image they have downloaded. 
This utility comes with no warranty or expressed consent of liability however we have had no issues.


Launching Screen No Text

You will need to go to:  opt\retropie\configs\all\

Suggestion that you backup your original launching.png file or move it. One way to backup is to rename the file to add .bak to the end
(EXAMPLE: launching.png.bak).
Then place this file making sure that you do so with pigaming.

*** Not Currently Available ***


Correctly Enable Xbox 360 Controllers

Follow the steps in the photos and the README.nfo. If you are not familiar with .nfo you can open with a standard text editor like notepad.


PiShrink Hub

This is a portable VirtualBox build that is prepackaged with an instruction PDF for you to be able to shrink your images if you need to for archival purposes.
This includes a premade however highly modified linux image.
Some users have reported that due to Windows Creator updates the associated portable VB container fails to load the VM. If that is the case then rather than have
it portable you will need to perform a full install of VB from the official website and drop the VM files themselves into the required path. This will give the
same experience however the initial goal had been for a portable package.

Download PiShrink Hub

Ext Storage Directory Pack

Download and transfer the retroarena directory to a freshly formatted external drive of your choice. We provide this pack to help assist with streamlining the process
ensure that you have the required files to include the various system start scripts (EXAMPLE: +Start 

NOTE:  This is an EXCELLENT example of how you cannot grab your folders from a traditional RetroPie image because doing so WILL break various systems.

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